Research and Education Center Gorzyń, Poznań University of Life Sciences to carry out efficacy studies on plants and crops protection agents from the gropu of acaricides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, bactericides, moluscocides, growth regulators, adjuvants, biostimulators and bioproducts in conditions of agricultural cultivation of cereal crops, rape, corn, beet, potatoes, leguminous plants, vegetables - such as cabbage vegetables, cucurbitaceous vetetables, onion vegetables, rot vegetables, leafy vegetables, leguminous vegetables - decorative plants, and in orchard cultivation of apple, pear, plumb, cherry, sweet cherry, peach and apricot tress and strawberries, as well as on meadwows, pastures and grazing lands, lawns, fallows and idle lands, and in municipal afforested areas.

     The basis for our research is the authorization no. WO-505-6/2008 issued by the Main Inspector of Plant Health and Seed Protection as a part of the Good Experimental Practice and in accordance with the European Union’s directives – 91/414 and 71/93.

     Our plant also offers the field research concerning: • different methods of land cultivation,
                                                                                 • plant rotations,
                                                                                 • crop rotations,
                                                                                 • fertilization,
                                                                                 • sprinkling,
                                                                                 • evaluation of different types of cultivated plants.